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Hibernation Explanation

6 May

It might be seem a little unconventional. A blog is born and exists for 3 months, spewing forth its author’s innermost admissions like an adolescent boy in a confessional. 100 furious blogging days (that’s at least 700 in human days) tracking the highs and lows of a publicly declared and ridiculously ill-prepared experiment. Then it goes very, very quiet for 6 months, double its original lifespan. Not unlike a hibernating snake really. But whilst inactivity can do wonders for a reptile’s survival, this is not necessarily best practice for blogs, which by their very definition are meant to be semi-regular affairs – as evidenced by this reputable source:

Well, bollocks to that. I’m the author and until today, I didn’t really have much to say. Not wanting to burden a number of faithful subscribers with updates such as “I was in the Tassie Wilderness but didn’t think to pitch a story to a travel mag” or “I’m seething about the refugee situation in this country but was too busy to write an opinion piece”, I did what any self-respecting blogger would do: remained mute. A post would merely draw attention to the fact that my pitching – the very reason for the blog’s creation – has been, quite frankly, non-existent.

But something not altogether unpleasant happened today. This hibernating half-arsed hub in cyberspace somehow nabbed an honourable mention in the Best Australian Blogs Competition, much to my surprise, and made me think it may just be worth a CPR-style revival after all. Not just the blog, but the whole pitching malarkey. I kind of miss it, truth be told, and have had enough of pesky self-doubt getting in the way of motivation.

So, I’m putting the pitch back in pitchfever. You have been warned. Unsubscribe as you see fit.


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