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Day #4 – How to pitch a story when you’re pitching a tent

23 Jul

Despite the picture painted to Bacon Busters of me as a demure office type, I’m actually at my happiest in the bush, unleashing my inner hippie at a festival. Knee deep in mud, hair wild, pear cider in one hand, rollie in the other. There’s something quite magical about this temporary utopia, where the drudgery and cynicism of daily life are cashed in for a world of creativity and community and optimism and possibility. And a sea of dancing, grinning faces.

This time next week I’ll be pitching a tent at my 20th music festival, and what better way to celebrate this anniversary than at the much anticipated Splendour in the Grass in Woodford, Queensland. The line up is arguably the finest this nation has ever seen, and those that know me are aware the excitement has this pitcher a bit feverish.

I’ve been bombarding anyone who’ll listen with emails leading up to this event on the merits of attending. And, for those who are, mix-tapes and lengthy newsletters on the essentials of proper preparation (including the practical and amusing benefits of inflatable boats and goon-filled super-soakers). So it makes sense my next pitch is Splendour-related:  the content is virtually written! Yesterday I dropped PagesDigital a line, requesting some sort of contributory role, be it beforehand (previews and entertaining preparation lists), during (e.g. ‘Most Munted Moments’ – a photo-essay) and the wrap up (reviews, interviews, etc). I’ve been subscribing to their flash-powered-page-turn monthly online publications, Groupie and Pages (and bi-weekly newsletters) for a while now, and like their savvy, snappy style. They seem to be a big media supporter of the event too.

Except somehow I got a bit carried away and used the word ‘boob’ and ‘rabid’ in a pitch. Suspect a mild stress-induced hysteria might be setting in. I’d include the full email here, but I’ve just found out my dear grandpa has started subscribing to Fever Pitch. He’s the funniest, most cyber-savvy and progressive octogenarian I know (Hi Pop!), but he’s still the son of a Methodist minister and I don’t want to risk offending him. Either way, I’m ok if this one doesn’t come through, and I can get down to the business of enjoying myself next week. Plus, last time I got paid to document a festival (Big Day Out, Melbourne, 2006) I spent so much time asking people to form human pyramids that I missed the first half of Kings of Leon. Vernon, I still haven’t forgiven you for abandoning our photography partnership.

But fret not, dear readers, even though I’ll be away from my desk for 5 days, I’ll still be diligently pitching’n’blogging. Along with downloading the ‘torch’ app for camping (I love living in 2010) I have acquired the free WordPress app so I can continue to update you throughout the festivities. I can’t promise quality content. I can’t even promise coherent content, but I’ll give it a shot. Hopefully with some tequila, lemon and salt…


the URL for this blog was getting a bit confusing for people, so now you can find the same content at this very user-friendly address: www.pitchfever.com.au


I’d very much like to add some sort of tally-progress-chart-graph-whatsit in the side bar, tracking progress of pitches, rejections, commissions, published articles… if anyone has any clue how this might be done (a plugin?) they will be handomsely rewarded with half a bottle of muscat and an envirosax bag of their choosing.


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